Friday Lunches

June 2, 2023 to August 11, 2023
Every week
12:00 pm
CSRB NTA room 401, 4th floor

Friday lunches will provide an opportunity to interact with a diverse group of graduate students and faculty from across the university. Lunches will serve as interactive opportunities to network, establish connections, hear unique perspectives, and be exposed to different fields of science and medicine. 

June 2 – Lunch with CREATE – NOTE: this lunch will be in CSRB 5550.

June 7 – Introductory lunch (Dr. Rebecca Young) – NOTE: this event occurs on a Wednesday.

June 9 – Lunch with WashU guests (ASSURE alumni)

June 16 – Lunch with WashU guest (Dr. Tracey Hermanstyne) – class afterward

June 23 – Lunch with WashU guest (Dr. Celia Santi) – class afterward

June 30 – Lunch with WashU guest (Dr. Will Ross) – class afterward

July 7 – Lunch with WashU guests (C.R.E.A.T.E. members) – class afterward

July 14 – Lunch with WashU guest (Dr. Allison Mitchell)

July 21 – Lunch with WashU guest (Dr. Uchenna Ofoma) – class afterward

July 28 – Lunch with WashU guest (Erin Herrera, CRNA)

August 1 – Lunch (Drs. Michael Avidan and Robert Gereau) – NOTE: this event occurs on a Tuesday.

August 4 – Lunch with WashU guest (Dr. Dolores Njoku) – class afterward

August 11 – Lunch with all ASSURE participants (mentors, etc.)