Communicate Your Science Workshop

July 17, 2023 to July 31, 2023
Every week
3:00 pm

Drs. Vicki Brings and Niko Massaly

Your instructors will guide you through the process of building scientific graphics for oral communication, how to organize a poster for a conference and how to create an efficient PowerPoint for oral presentation. This workshop will also help you build your poster for the final summer presentation of your data.

Monday, July 17, 3-5 PM

You will be guided and taught on the use of 2 different software:

GraphPad Prism

Drs. Brings and Massaly will provide you with a couple of data sets that you will be able to analyze and run statistics on. Additionally, they will guide you to the process of building a scientific representation of those data sets, include statistics on those graphics, and export them as images.

Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint

This software from the Microsoft suite will come handy in managing, creating and building multi-panel figures as well as your overall poster. You will be guided through the basic functions offered by this software to organize and uniform your graphic designs.

In addition, Drs. Brings and Massaly will provide insights on designing, creating, and presenting both a poster (using Microsoft PowerPoint) session. After this session, students will be asked to prepare a poster to present to the department on Thursday, August 11.

Monday, July 24, 3-5 PM

Having your data sorted and prepared, Drs. Brings and Massaly will help you create the poster you will present on Thursday, August 11th. You will use Microsoft PowerPoint to this end and be provided  with a template to include all the methods you used this summer, the graphs you created, add figure legends, discussion of your results, and finalize a poster to be printed within the week.

Monday, July 31, 3-5 PM

This session will be held to help with training and last adjustments for your poster presentation which will take place on Thursday, August 11th.

Using the poster you designed with the data you gathered along your summer internship, you will present your project in front of the classroom.

Inputs from your classmate and instructors will help you fix the last details for your upcoming presentation in front of the department.