Devin Macklin-Jackson

Devin Macklin-Jackson

2023 ASSURE Fellow

Institution: Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans

Devin Macklin-Jackson is a senior at Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans, studying chemistry with a minor in biology. Devin has kept busy at Xavier, taking part in and holding various positions in Cross Country, Xavier Harold, Pre-Pharmacy Student Association, Collegiate 100, bEHR Health Systems, and the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity.

Devin’s passion for helping others began at a young age when he took part in the BESt Program while in high school, then further developed when he shadowed an anesthesiologist at a local hospital. After enrolling in the College of Pharmacy at Xavier, he quickly realized he wanted more patient interaction and switched to pre-med. Devin aspires to be a physician and hopes the ASSURE program will lead him closer to his goal.

Devin is a freelance photographer, runner, and writer in his free time. Multiple on-campus organizations have recognized Devin; he has had photos featured on the school website and in the yearbook.